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May 20
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DeviantCrossing Alicia by Chibi-Chiaki DeviantCrossing Alicia by Chibi-Chiaki

Birthday:September 18



Alicia is caring but can be a bit blunt towards others since she rather not sugarcoat her words with
lies, however she means well and does try to help others out by giving them advice or
helping them with chores.
Alicia also dislikes keeping secrets from others because she feels that if something is
bothering you should tell them instead of stressing out about it.
She can sometimes be found snoozing standing up or whilst talking to her due to her lack
of sleep. Her lack of sleep is from worrying about others problems, since she just wants
to help everyone even though she knows she can't.

Alicia came from a stressful life of living in the City, she was born and raised there
ever since she was little. Her Mother and Father owned a 24 hour cafe with day and night
shifts, Father for Day and Mother for night. Alicia would always stay up with her mother
for night shifts to keep her company the cafe was usually empty with a maximum of 2 people
coming to the store at night, so Alicia and her Mother would talk all night and bake
pastries and other sweets for the morning, sometimes when her mother was busy baking
bread Alicia would run the counter usually giving the costumers the wrong amount of
change back by accident.
Alicia was not very close with her Father so she spent her days in her room trying to
sleep. When she couldn't sleep she'd make up stories and adventures to go.

When Alicia was old enough to run the cafe she took over doing the night-shifts and her
Mother was moved to morning shifts and her farther was moved to Afternoon shifts without
the help of her Mother Alicia found it difficult to keep track of the counter and the
pastries and would often burn them. One afternoon Alicia's parents where approached by a
man and who offered to buy the cafe off them, Alicia with no place to work then decided to
move out of the big city and find a different pace of living, she wanted to see fresh
faces and trees, less sky scrapers and more mountains and the stars instead of bright
stadium lights, go on those adventures she's dreamed of. So she decided to move to Hemlock


A stubborn mind will only limit yourself

Map section:
5B (near the train tracks)
Map of Hemlock Town by Jimmy-BobProducts
the familer sound of the train and noise in general helps her get to sleep

> Alicia usually piles clothing on her since she's mostly always feeling cold
>Her favorite drink is iced chocolate with whiped cream and caramel
>She'll eat anything
>she has a hard time putting things into words
>she is a sleep talker
>doesn't know how to swim

sfhsahsj the closing date is really close and I just found this group! I really want to give it a go.. it's been awhile since I've joined a group like this
Idk if I will make it though, but I will try¬¬ hopefully her design isn;t to much and that my art style isn't to messy for this x-x)
on another note. That hand writing, I'm so sorry
jawsghja yay I was accepted!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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Your character is super cute too!!
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